IV.  Peace and Order

1.     Types of Crimes

a.     Crimes Against Persons:     Male:  Female:  Age:  Total:


Physical injury    

Spousal/Partner Abuse    


Incest Rape    

b.     Crimes Against Property:



c.      Other:

Substance Abuse:    

Human Trafficking    

Illegal Recruitment:    


Sexual Harassment:    

Economic Abuse    


V.   Barangay Projects and Services  for the Past Six Years

1.     Annual De-clogging of Canals:        

        Source:           BDF


2.     Welcome Marker:                             

        Source:   Peria Operation 2005



3.     ARKABUZH Restaurant:                  

        Source:   Personal Fund of a Resident-Entrepreneur

        (Income-Generating for the Barangay)


4.     Drainage Rehabilitation ( Narra St):

        Source:   CDF, (Cong. Abante, thru the effort of Sanggunian)


5.     Improvement of Barangay Hall &  Community Chapel:                         

        Source:  BDF, and Fund-raising


6.     Public Address System:                 



7.     Mini park and playground:               

        Source:  Barangay Special Fund


8.     Community Center:                         

        Source:  BDF


9.     3 Bulletin Boards in 3 Conspicuous  Places

        (Narra, Peralta Ext., ______)



10.   Sk Hall/Reading Center:          

        Source:  Sk Fund


11.   Extension of Brgy. Receiving Area:    

        Source:  BDF 2008


12.   Computer Set:                          

         Source:  Peria Operation 2009


VI.        Barangay Officials

1.     Barangay Council Before 1988

a.     First Chairperson Consolacion Lucas

b.     Kagawad

c.     Kagawad Dr. Santos

d.     Kagawad 

e.     Kagawad

f.      Kagawad  

g.     Kagawad

h.     Kagawad

i.      SK Chairman  Conrado Hernandez

j.      Treasurer

k.     Secretary


2.     Barangay Council 1988-1991

a.     Punong Barangay Ramon Pascual

b.     Kagawad

c.     Kagawad

d.     Kagawad Benjamin Macalinao

e.     Kagawad

f.       Kagawad

g.     Kagawad

h.     Kagawad

i.       Sk Chairman

j.       Treasurer

k.      Secretary


3.     Barangay Council 1991-1994

a.     Punong Barangay Wilfredo Tana

b.     Kagawad

c.     Kagawad

d.     Kagawad Aida Umalla

e.     Kagawad Benjamin Macalinao

f.       Kagawad Helen Amistad

g.     Kagawad

h.     Kagawad

i.      SK Chairman

j.       Treasurer

k.      Secretary


4.     Barangay Council 1994-1997

a.     Punong Barangay Benjamin Macalinao

b.     Kagawad Florinda Salvador

c.     Kagawad Jose Milo Lacatan

d.     Kagawad Josefina dela Serna

e.     Kagawad Melencio de Leon

f.      Kagawad Ramon Pascual

g.     Kagawad Marilyn Peralta

h.     Kagawad Melanio Bolga

i.      Sk Chairman Manny Espiritu

j.      Treasurer

k.     Secretary


5.     Barangay Council 1997-2002

a.     Punong Barangay Benjamin Macalinao

b.     Kagawad Paulino Pasilla

c.     Kagawad Salvador Onanad

d.     Kagawad Rafael Soriano

e.     Kagawad Jesus Santos

f.      Kagawad Melencio de leon

g.     Kagawad Marilyn Peralta

h.     Kagawad Josefina dela Serna

i.      Sk Chairman Amelita de Leon

j.      Treasurer Emie Padilla

k.     Secretary Jaime  Choy


6.     Barangay Council 2002-2007

a.     Punong Barangay Jose Milo Lacatan

b.     Kagawad Marilyn Peralta

c.     Kagawad Jaime Choy

d.     Kagawad Marilou Mislang

e.     Kagawad Erwin Sampaga

f.      Kagawad Dolores de leon

g.     Kagawad Irma Villaverde

h.     Kagawad Alexander Ceno

i.      Sk Chairman Abigail Subico

j.      Treasurer Editha Alviso/Manolo Sebastian

k.     Secretary Jun Pagaduan/Josefina dela Serna


7.     Barangay Council  2007-2010

a.     Chairman Jose Milo Lacatan

b.     Kagawad Benjamin Macalinao

c.     Kagawad Josefina dela Serna

d.     Kagawad Dolores de Leon

e.     Kagawad Erwin Sampaga

f.      Kagawad Jaime Choy

g.     Kagawad Blezildo Peralta

h.     Kagawad Salvador Onanad

i.      Sk Chairman Gerjohn Siwa

j.      Treasurer Josefina de Leon

k.     Secretary Leonila Balderas


8.     Sk Kagawads 2007-2010

a.     Marissa Cartagenas

b.     Joana Marie Laxamana

c.     Rpdelyn Baliuag

d.     Abegail Saban

e.     Fatima Grutas

f.     Alvin John Aseo

g.     John Sampana



9.     Barangay Council 2010-2013

a.     Chaiman Jose Milo Lacatan

b.     Kagawad Editha Alviso

c.     Kagawad Jaime Choy

d.     Kagawad Salvador Onanad

e.     Kagawad Marilou Mislang

f.      Kagawad Manuel Pascual

g.     Kagawad Blezildo Peralta

h.     Kagawad Josefina dela Serna

i.      Sk Chairman Eujie Macamay

j.      Treasurer Josefina de Leon

k.     Secretary Leonila Balderas

10.     Sk Kagawads  2010-1013

a.      Christian John Dantes

b.      Alicia de Leon

c.      Bernabeth Saban

d.      John Ronel lPeralta

e.      Froilan de Dios

f.       Genesis Sayno

g.       Mark Gerald Soriano


11.      Barangay Police (Tanods)

a.     Ex-O Florante Bonagua

b.     Asst. Ex-O Mauricio Umalla

c.     Edgardo Alicaway

d.     Felizardo Lorica

e.     Andres Tatel Jr.

f.      Rodolfo Soriano

g.     Henry Agustin

h.     Helen Amistad

i.      Bon Miral

j.      Ruben Lorica

k.     Angelina Miranda

l.      Larry Canata

m.    Juan Pareja

n.     Flocerfina Lorica

o.     Romeo Lorica

p.     Randy Canata

q.     Rodolfo David

r.      Nestor Mislang

s.     Jesus Lopez

t.     Salvacion Soriano


12.     Lupong Tagapamayapa:

a.     Aida Umalla

b.     Rolando Supan Jr.

c.     Ricardo Hermosura

d.     Nelson Labrador

e.     Jesus Santos

f.      Eloy Castillejo

g.     Ricardo Hermosura

h.     Paulino Gallon

i.       Antonio Fontiveros

j.       Romulo Medina


13.     Purok Leaders (11)

a.     Alvin Loreno

b.     Wilfredo Lorica

c.     Ruben Espanillo

d.     Rodolfo Salvosa

e.     Ingrid Martinez

f.      Ely Cuebillas

g.     Victoria Ginon

h.     Marisa del Rosario

i.      Marilyn Peralta

j.      Reynaldo Cartagena


14.   Barangay Advisers:

a.     Editha Sampana

b.     Marilyn Peralta

c.     Paul Tamaca

d.     Antonio Gabay


15.   Streetsweeper:         

        Ernesto Rubio


demolition ng footbridge

wag ituloy (143)

ituloy (75)

Total votes: 218


Semi-Annual Barangay Assembly 2011

30/03/2011 15:49
Actually, it's the 9th Semi-Annual Barangay Assembly since Y- 2007 when Manila Barangay Bureau (in accordance to a memorandum circular issued by DILG) mandated Barangay Officials to hold Barangay Assemblies in March & October of every year. This time held at the Basketball Court of Peralta on a...

Commendation from the PNP & the City Mayor for a job well done fro Barangay 599 Police & P/B Jose Milo Lacatan

23/03/2011 22:26
Only recently, P/Barangay Jose Milo Lacatan and the Barangay Tanods of Brgy. 599 headed by EX-O Florante Bonagua were given commendation of a job well done....keep it up men!

Disaster Preparedness Seminar

23/03/2011 20:20
On March 20, 2011...Kag.Buddy Onanad who is the Acting Officer of ( BDCC ) Barangay Disaster Coordinating Council coordinated with P/Barangay Jose Milo Lacatan in holding a seminar on 'Disaster Preparedness' wherein the officers of 'Bureau of Fire Protection' and representatives of PNRC-Mla. were...

BCPC Exposure Trip

23/03/2011 19:52
The BCPC of Barangays 598, 599 & 600 together with the staff of ASOG went on a Sunday morning, March 13, 2011 to (3) barangays of Pandacan, Manila and Brgy. Bagbag of QC. The objective is to observe and interview the officers of their functional BCPC. It was a learning & inspiring ...

Learning Session on Katarungang Pambarangay & RA9262

07/03/2011 23:55
invited were the SK Council, Lupon Tagapamayapa,Purok Leaders and Barangay Tanod....held at the Barangay's Day Care Room,Community center,in the afternoon of March 5,2011.

Meeting with Cong. Sandy Ocampo on Livelihood Program

26/02/2011 23:59
On February 26,2011...( 22) Kagawad of District VI were convened at the Day Care Room of Barangay 599....  

Learning Session on practical "Diversion Programs" for children of Old Sta.Mesa

25/02/2011 19:30
 With (7) slots each for Barangays 598,599 & 600...only (3) representatives of B-599's BCPC  were able to make it although Kag.Mislang,SK Chairman Macamay P.O.representative F.Cajusay & one youth rep were advised of the activity. Resource person was a Professor of Ateneo,Ms. Manay...

2-day Seminar on " Psychosocial Development..."

12/02/2011 15:16
Case management for offensive minors and abused women and children is the main focus of this 2-day training ( January 28 & 29 2011 ) fascilitated by ASOG, held in 'Lorelnd Resort', Antipolo...

BCPC Members sent to a 3-day seminar on "Paralegal Training on Various Instruments for Children

12/02/2011 15:10
Held at "9 Waves Resort" in San Mateo,Rizal...10 representatives from BCPC of Brgys. 598,599 & 600 were given training on the formulation of resolutions, ordinances & other policies concerning children. Legal basis: RA 9344, 7610,9262,9208,etc. held on December 19,20 & 21, 2010

Website Launched

05/02/2011 20:00
Website Launched 2010-09-18 07:24 With the initiative of a volunteer named RMP, No. 1 suporter of one of the incumbent Barangay Kagawad ( Kag. Salvador Onanad ), our website was launched. In cooperation with the head of 'Public Information &...
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