Year 2007 to Present

I.   Physical and Demographic Characteristics

1.     Province:                 National Capital Region

2.     City:                       Manila

3.     Barangay:                599

4.     Zone:                      59

5.     District:                   6

6.     Classification:           Urban         

7.     No. of Puroks:           11

8.     Total land Area:        4.5 hectares

9.     Location:                  Peralta St. Old Sta. Mesa

10.   General Description of Barangay Hall:

Concrete, Tiled flooring (building started last 2004)    

Sliding glass door and windows with grills    

Complete with toilet and kitchen    

Equipped with Audio-video    

With telephone line/service:             Tel No.:      7163543

Latest Improvement:    

 Extension of Barangay Receiving Area  

(Purpose is to accommodate visitors, complainants, and residents requesting for barangay services when main receiving area  is not available because of monthly regular meetings or emergency agendas).

Changing of Metal Spiral Stairs into Concrete Stairs and Transferring its Location:

 (Purpose is to avoid disturbance from Saturday mass conducted in the chapel. Previous spiral metal stair causes noise when somebody passes by, and it was closely attached to the chapel window therefore attracts attention from residents who were hearing mass).


11.    Boundaries:           

North:                        Brgy. 597, to San Juan    

East:                         Brgy. 598, Damka St., PAMANA Bldg.    

South:                       Brgy. 600, Town and Country Apartelle    

West:                        Brgy. 588,  Unciano    

12.   Streets Covered:

Peralta Street    

Peralta Extension    

Mangga Street    

Mangga Extension    

Dita Street    

Mulawin Street    

Anahaw Street    

Old Sta. Mesa    

Sampaloc Street    

Narra St.    

V. Mapa Street    

Sarmiento Street    


13.     Major Source of Livelihood:  

        Rag-Making Business, Sari-sari Store, Canteen/catering...

14.     Source of Income in %

        a.     Employed:                             45%

        b.     Unemployed:                         35%

        c.      Self-employed/OFW:             20%

15.      Living Standard:

        a.     Upper class:                          20%

        b.     Middle Class:                         45%

        c.     Lower Class:                          35%

16.      Business Establishments:

        a.     Sari-sari Stores:                       

                8 big and 15 small

        b.     Mall:                                           

                None, nearest is SM Sta. Mesa

        c.     Drugstores:

                1, Botika ng Barangay, Gamot Publiko, Santos' Drugstore

        d.     Bank:                                          

                none, nearest is Metro Bank of Brgy. 600

        e.     Bakery:                                      

                1, Laquis Bakery, Old Sta. Mesa; Sampaga's Bakeshop, Peralta Extension             

        f.       Canteen:                                    


        g.     Factory:                                     

                None, nearest are: Marque Mills ( Garment Fctory )

        h.     Gasoline Station:                      

                none, nearest are: City Oil, Old Sta. Mesa

        i.      Junkshop:                                  

                none, nearest are: Junkshop at Sarmiento St.

        j.      Water Purifying station:            

                3, God’s Gift, Benny’s Alkaline Water, Twin  Brothers                                                

        k.     Laundry Shops:                       

                2, one is home-based

        l.       Hardware:                                

                2, Menton and 4748 Hardware

        m.   Parlor:                                        

               1,  Edelyn Onia's Salon;  Haydee's Shop

        n.     Dental Clinics:                          

                3, the

        o.     Internet Shops:                        

                6, Randellnet, 

        p.     Placement Agency:                 

                1, Saturn Placement Agency



II.      Demographic References:

1.     Population:            



    Total:                              4,931    

    Reference period:              as of 2007    

    Source of Data:    

2.     No. of Households:         739

3.     Total No. of Registered Voters: 1,921 voters




    Reference Period    

    Source of Data:    

4.     No. of Brgy. Personnel:          Male              Female             Total

    Tanods:                                   16                       4                    20    

    Health Worker:                                   0                               1                           01

    Nutrition Scholar:                       0                               1                           01  

    Purok Leaders:                                   8                               2                           10

    Lupong Tagapamayapa:                  9                               1                            10

    Librarian:                                               0                               1                            1

    Bookkeeper:                                         1                              0                             1

    Day Care Workers:                            0                               2                            2

    Utility Worker:                                      0                              1                             1

    Streetsweeper:                                     1                              


III.   Proximity of Barangay Location to Basic Services and Service Institutions:

1.     Educational Facility:

    a.     Day Care Center:        Present    

            Nearest Day Care Centers Outside the Barangay are:    

    b.     Pre-school:                

            Nearest are:    

    c.     Elementary:               None:    

            Nearest are: Padre Jose Burgos, A. Maceda, Bacood Elementary   

    d.     Secondary:                None:    

            Nearest are:    

    e.     Vocational:                None:    

            Nearest are:    

    f.       College/University:    None:    

            Nearest are:    

    g.     Training Centers:        None    

            Nearest are:    


2.     Health Facility

    a.     Private Medical Clinic:    None    

            Nearest are:    

    b.     Hospitals:                    None    

            Nearest are:    

    c.     Maternal & Child Clinic:   None    

            Nearest are:    

    d.     Health Centers:            None:    

            Nearest are: PAMANA and    

    e.     Family Planning Centers: None    

    f.      Health Posts:

               Nearest are:    

    g.     Drugstores:                  Present,

            The Botika ng Barangay and Gamot Publiko   

            Other Nearest are:   The Generics Pharmacy

    h.     Dental Clinic:                Present

            the _________ and _____    

            Nearest are:    


3.     Service Facility:

    a.     Post Office:

            Nearest are:    

    b.     Police Station:

            Nearest are:    

    c.      Women’s  Center/ Crisis Center:

            Nearest are:    

    d.     Bank:

            Nearest are:    

    e.     Market:

            Nearest are:    

    f.      Multi-purpose hall:


            Nearest are:    

    g.     Library/Reading Center:


            Nearest are:    


4.     Public Transportation:               

        bus, taxi, jeepney,  tricycle, pedicab


5.     Type of Road:                            

        Concrete maintained by:


6.     Water Company:  

a.     Maynilad, served ____ households

b.     Benny’s Alkaline Water, served ____ households

c.      God’s Gift, served ____ households

d.     Twin Brothers Refilling Station, served ____ households

e.     Other sources are three deepwells


7.     Credit Institutions:

a.     Tanglaw, contact person is

b.     Pag-asa, contact person is

c.     PS Bank

d.     CCT  





8.     Garbage/Waste Disposal System:      Collected by truck


9.     Electricity Service:                                    Meralco



demolition ng footbridge

wag ituloy (143)

ituloy (75)

Total votes: 218


Semi-Annual Barangay Assembly 2011

30/03/2011 15:49
Actually, it's the 9th Semi-Annual Barangay Assembly since Y- 2007 when Manila Barangay Bureau (in accordance to a memorandum circular issued by DILG) mandated Barangay Officials to hold Barangay Assemblies in March & October of every year. This time held at the Basketball Court of Peralta on a...

Commendation from the PNP & the City Mayor for a job well done fro Barangay 599 Police & P/B Jose Milo Lacatan

23/03/2011 22:26
Only recently, P/Barangay Jose Milo Lacatan and the Barangay Tanods of Brgy. 599 headed by EX-O Florante Bonagua were given commendation of a job well done....keep it up men!

Disaster Preparedness Seminar

23/03/2011 20:20
On March 20, 2011...Kag.Buddy Onanad who is the Acting Officer of ( BDCC ) Barangay Disaster Coordinating Council coordinated with P/Barangay Jose Milo Lacatan in holding a seminar on 'Disaster Preparedness' wherein the officers of 'Bureau of Fire Protection' and representatives of PNRC-Mla. were...

BCPC Exposure Trip

23/03/2011 19:52
The BCPC of Barangays 598, 599 & 600 together with the staff of ASOG went on a Sunday morning, March 13, 2011 to (3) barangays of Pandacan, Manila and Brgy. Bagbag of QC. The objective is to observe and interview the officers of their functional BCPC. It was a learning & inspiring ...

Learning Session on Katarungang Pambarangay & RA9262

07/03/2011 23:55
invited were the SK Council, Lupon Tagapamayapa,Purok Leaders and Barangay Tanod....held at the Barangay's Day Care Room,Community center,in the afternoon of March 5,2011.

Meeting with Cong. Sandy Ocampo on Livelihood Program

26/02/2011 23:59
On February 26,2011...( 22) Kagawad of District VI were convened at the Day Care Room of Barangay 599....  

Learning Session on practical "Diversion Programs" for children of Old Sta.Mesa

25/02/2011 19:30
 With (7) slots each for Barangays 598,599 & 600...only (3) representatives of B-599's BCPC  were able to make it although Kag.Mislang,SK Chairman Macamay P.O.representative F.Cajusay & one youth rep were advised of the activity. Resource person was a Professor of Ateneo,Ms. Manay...

2-day Seminar on " Psychosocial Development..."

12/02/2011 15:16
Case management for offensive minors and abused women and children is the main focus of this 2-day training ( January 28 & 29 2011 ) fascilitated by ASOG, held in 'Lorelnd Resort', Antipolo...

BCPC Members sent to a 3-day seminar on "Paralegal Training on Various Instruments for Children

12/02/2011 15:10
Held at "9 Waves Resort" in San Mateo,Rizal...10 representatives from BCPC of Brgys. 598,599 & 600 were given training on the formulation of resolutions, ordinances & other policies concerning children. Legal basis: RA 9344, 7610,9262,9208,etc. held on December 19,20 & 21, 2010

Website Launched

05/02/2011 20:00
Website Launched 2010-09-18 07:24 With the initiative of a volunteer named RMP, No. 1 suporter of one of the incumbent Barangay Kagawad ( Kag. Salvador Onanad ), our website was launched. In cooperation with the head of 'Public Information &...
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